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The Big Country Music Awards were recently held in Toronto and The Wilkinsons racked up most of the honors. The father/daughter/son trio picked up trophies for Album of the Year, Single of the Year and Video of the Year for 26 Cents.

The Wilkinsons are scheduled to participate in the 9th Annual City Of Hope Celebrity Softball Game on June 13th in Nashville.

The Wilkinsons will be at the TNN Music City News Awards in Nashville on June 14th. They are nominated for:
-Vocal Duo or Group
-Video Of The Year for "26C"
-Male Star of Tomorrow
-Song Of The Year for "26C"
-Single Of The Year for "26C"
They are also scheduled to perform.

Boy Oh Boy is still climbing the charts. It's #10 on the CMT Weekly Top 12. The next single will be "Yodelin' Blues.

Recently, while in Joplin, MO with Sawyer Brown, as The Wilkinsons were leaving the stage teenage girls started yelling "Tyler come back!" This went on for four of Sawyer Brown's songs. Mark Miller then got on the mic and said "Hey, somebody teach that boy a Sawyer Brown song and get him back out here." So, at the next show in Orlando, they joined Sawyer Brown onstage for "Some Girls Do." While doing  so, they learned "the Mark Miller dance."

While on a plane, Joe Diffie tried to play matchmaker - he tried to set Amanda up with his son.

While vacationing in the Bahamas, Amanda got some blackmale material on Tyler! She snapped a picture of Tyler wearing a Speedo.

The Wilkinsons were in the Nancy Comic Strip. *Notice the t-shirt and the picture hanging on the wall.*

Coming in 1999 will be a new album.

Alan Jackson has named them "The Hoppers" because of the way  they hop all over the stage.

Tyler was given a new nickname during the shoot for the "Fly" video. After standing infront of the blue screen with the fan blowing on him, Amanda and Steve decided he looked like model Fabio. Tyler said he'll get revenge on them.

 Joy Ride Sixteen-year-old Amanda Wilkinson didn't win any good-driver points with  her dad when she got distracted by a blue heron while operating a golf cart  in Florida recently. "Amanda almost drove us off a bridge into an  alligator-infested lake," Steve Wilkinson said.