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{26 Cents} {Boy Oh Boy} {Fly} {Don't I Have A Heart} {The Yodelin' Blues} {Nothing But Love}
{The Word} {Williamstown} {Then There's You} {Back On My Feet} {One Faithful Heart}

26 Cents
(Steve Wilkinson/William Wallace)

She sat all alone on a bus out of Beaumont
The courage of just 18 years
A penny & quarter taped to a letter
with Momma's goodbye in her ears

She watched as her High School
faded behind her
And the house with the white picket fence
Then she read the note
That her momma had wrote
Wrapped up with 26 cents


 When you get lonely, call me, anytime at all
 I'll be there with you, always, anywhere at all
 There's nothing I got that I wouldn't give
 And money is never enough
 Here's a penny for your thoughts, a quarter for the call
 And all o' your mamma's love

 A penny and quarter buys a whole lotta nothing
 Taped to an old wrinkled note
 But when she didn't have much, she had all mamma's love
 Inside that old envelope


Oh it's been years since mamma's been gone
But when she hold the coins she feels her love
Just as strong...


Here's a penny for your thoughts, a quarter for the call
And all o' your mamma's love

Boy Oh Boy
(Steve Wilkinson/Amanda Wilkinson)

     Boy oh boy looked at me
     Boy oh boy smiled that way
     Boy oh boy this heart of mine stood still
     Thought my world was unaffected
     'Til the moment I least expected
     Boy oh boy love's movin' in for the kill

     And I'm fallin' this spell I'm under
     I don't know what's up or down
     I'm fallin' it makes me wonder
     Why I've spent time foolin' 'round with boys
     Boy oh boy this must be love

     Boy oh boy I feel so shaken
     Boy oh boy can't be mistaken
     This is more than passion at first sight
     His brown eyes tell the truth
     I'm sure he feels the way I do
     'Cause boy oh boy I'm certain
     That it's right, right, right


     I'll be sweet and charmin'
     I'll be coy, oh yeah
     But when I'm in his arms
     Boy oh boy


     Must be love
     It must be love
     Boy oh boy this is love
     It must be love
     It must be love
     It must be love

(Steve Wilkinson/Rory Micheal Bourke)

    Sometimes I swear I live with an angel
     Sent from above to watch over me
     He wears his love just like a halo
     If he's not an angel, what else could he be
     He wouldn't say he's anything special
     Betcha that's how all those angels are
     But when he comes around miracles happen
     I felt the first one when he touched my heart
     Though I've never seen him fly
     On the wings of love he carries me
     Heaven bound I'm mystified
     How with just one kiss he made me
     Believe in angels
     Though I've never seen him fly
     This mornin' he walked up
     Smiled and I kissed him
     I never let on that he's not foolin' me
     But I think it's so cute how he says
     He's from Houston
     I swear there's wings tucked up his sleeves
     Heaven bound I'm mystified
     How with just one kiss he made me
     Believe in angels
     Though I've never seen him fly

Don't I Have A Heart
(Steve Wilkinson/Pat Bunch/Doug Johnson)

    Hey Mrs. Smith is your daughter home
     Is she off the phone, I've been tryin' to call her
     Mrs. Smith I can't explain
     We were at the game
     And something happened

     I took her hand and I stole a kiss
     I guess you know that I'm new to this

     (Momma) Don't I have a heart
     Don't I have two arms
     This can't all be imagination
     Tell me how you know
     When true love really starts
     I don't have a clue
     But don't I have a heart

     Mrs. Smith do you really mean it
     I can't believe it, she said that too
     You both stayed up until way past one
     No homework done and she said to you
     He stole a kiss and I looked at him
     But he didn't even try again


     Hey Mrs. Smith I hope that I'm not out place
     Please go get het gotta tell her face to face


     Show me your heart

The Yodelin' Blues
(Skip Ewing)

     Billy was a rocker down in Baton Rouge
     Liked to sing country in his tennis shoes
     He grew up in the sixties on rock and roll
     But he got him a gig in a country show
     He traveled with them all across the USA
     But one night in the middle of the set they say
     He got his rockin' rhythm roots
     And country confused
     He sang the yodelin' blues

     CHORUS (yodel)

     Well the band thought Billy was a crazy fool

     But that yodelin' thing he did was powerful cool
     So they worked all week
     And they got it just right
     To play down at the club agian Saturday night
     And the crowd went screamin'
     Crazy plum unglued
     All the girls thought Billy was a happenin' dude
     They said he hey Billy
     Do whatever you choose
     Just sing the yodelin' blues

     So they got a big buss and a semi too
     A hit song, record deal, dream come true
     You can see 'em on the TV
     And the front page news
     They're done payin' their dues
     Long as Billy sings the yodelin' blues.

Nothing but Love
(Steve Wilkinson/Steve Burr)

     You'll never know how close we came
     The word goodbye was almost spoken
     Just one more thoughtless work
     And I was ready to leave

     Then the thought of how I'd feel
     Waking up one day without you
     I closed the door and turned around
     You wouldn't believe it if you had seen it.

     There I was...the note was even written
     Seven took all day
     There I was...I'd made my decision
     With nothing but love standing in the way

     This is worth the empty cab
     This worth the bag unpacking
     If only for the lesson learned
     I'm glad to go through this
     Moment of truth, yeah

     Nothing but the touch of your hand
     Nothing but your kiss, I know
     Didn't even have to think twice
     Baby, how could I go.

The Word
(Tony Haseldon)

     I don't recognize this feelin'
     I don't recognize this place
     Even the mirror is showin' me a different face
     What's that grin, where'd it come from
     I can't seem to make it stop
     I'm so digustingly happy that I'm about to pop

     CHORUS 1:
     ButI'm afraid to say the word..Love
     I don't think I've ever been in...Love
     Symptomatically this is possibly
     (You say it)...Love

     Well I've heard friends talk about it
     I've seen them get that look in their eyes
     They go all melancholy and start to testify
     The go oh you'll know, when it hits you
     It'll knock you off your feet
     It breaks the rules of logic
     And the laws of gravity.

     CHORUS 2
     But it's too soon to say the word..Love
     I don't wanna jinx this...Love
     Parenthetically this probably
     (Could be)...Love

     You say I'm actin' crazy
     I say this ain't no act
     I'm just as serious as a heart attack
     I give up I surrender, now that I know it's true
     I wann tell the world
     My heart belongs to you

     CHORUS 3:
     Now it's time to say the word...Love
     I just wanna shout...Love
     It automatically leaps right out of me,
     Love, love, love, love

     That little four-letter word
     The sweetest sound that I've ever heard
     Just in case I haven't said it enough
     em me repeat it, I'm in love...

(Steve Wilkinson/John Scott Sherrill)

     My momma always told me
     Don't you hang around those
     Williamstown boys
     And don't be blind girl they're not our kind
     But she never met Willy McCoy.

     The sun comes up at his house
     The same as it does at mine
     And why the two of us should never touch
     Is something I just can't get through my mind

     CHORUS 1:
     In a passing car I saw him through the window
     I could swear I caught him looking back
     If there's a chance for love to grow
     I might never know
     'Cause I'm stuck here
     On the right side of the tracks.

     Funny how a set of rusty rails
     Built a wall that we can't break down
     I know my baby's a stone's throw away
     But it's a million miles from here
     To Williamstown

     CHORUS 2:
     And if that train still stopped here at the station
     We could hop on board and never look back
     Until love can cross the line
     Between his world and mine
     I'm stuck here on the right side of the tracks.

Then There's You
(Steve Seskin/Paul Young/Pat MacDonald)

    Another Monday morning
     Gotta clear my head
     No more time for dreaming
     Traffic was nightmare
     Boss is on my back
     If I hear one more cross word
     I think I'm gonna crack

     Then there's you
     Coming in right on cue
     When I say no can do
     You give me strength to fight
     To see that there's shades of blue
     Everything's black and white
     And then there's you

     The sky is clear this morning
     Looks like a brighter day
     And I don't need to worry
     When it fades away

     ('Cause) Then there's you
     Someone to hold on to
     When all of my plans fall through
     You give me strength to fight
     To see that there's shades of blue
     Everything's in black and white
     And then there's you.

     You keep me warm when nights are cold
     You, you light a fire in my soul.


Back On My Feet
(Bill LaBounty/Annie Roboff)

    I've been lyin' in the shadows
     In the corner of my room
     Turned off the lights
     Gave up the fight
     There was nothing I could do

     Then I just woke up one morning
     And I put on my walkin' shoes, and

     I'm back on my feet again
     Had all the heartache one woman can stand
     Got through the night
     Took back my life
     I'm back on my feet again.

     I wasn't sure if I could make it
     Had to crawl across the floor
     Through the broken glass
     Of my shattered past
     Pushed myself on through the door

     I took a step out of the darkness
     I don't need it anymore, no
     I just woke up one morning
     And I put on my walkin' shoes, now


One Faithful Heart
(Steve Wilkinson/Charlie Black/Rory Michael Bourke)

    Time, it goes so fast
     Like a river running past
     And now you're lucky if you find at last
     Just one faithful heart

     So I watch her as she sleeps
     All curled up in her dreams
     Somewhere beneath the quilt and sheets
     Gently beats one faithful heart

     As constant as the northern star
     And as sure as gravity
     Her love makes me complete
     Makes my life so sweet

     This night will slip on by
     Soon she'll open up her eyes
     And I will see the light that shines
     From just on faithful heart

     I live to see the light that shines
     From just one faithful heart.