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They are originally from Canada
Moved to Nashville so Steve could persue a songwritting career
Mom/Wife is Chris
Sister/Daughter is Kiaya who make the trio a quartette
Birthdays-Amanda January 17th, Tyler April 30th, and Steve August 18th.
Favorite things to do off tour: swimming, play basketball, and watching movies
Favorite past time: fishing. Amanda is an expert at baiting a hook

The family was in their trailer at a campground, and though Steve had set the fishing rods aside with the hooks pulled right into the eye at the top, Tyler managed to get into them. A scream sent Steve running outside to find Tyler with a hook through his upper lip. His top lip was white and, after I backed out the hook, I asked him why he had done that. He said, 'I wanted to know what the fish felt like. I said to my wife "He's not bad, he is just curious."

Tyler was singing autographs after a show A fan grabbed hold of him and pulled him into the crowd. Amanda grabbed his feet and told the young girl to let go. After getting Tyler back away from the young girl Kiaya told the young lady to "Get a Life" GOOD GIRL KIAYA!!